Let’s take back our children to school

Lives have been lost property has been destroyed, people have been displaced others are refugees in other countries. This is far we have gone. Recent reports have indicated that there has been renewed fighting especially in the vast Jonglei State and the two oil producing states of Upper Nile and Unity state. This must be discouraged by all well meaning South Sudanese and other people who care about our destiny. It takes two to tango the English say. These latest developments come just before the ink of the cessation of hostilities even dries. This is against the spirit of reconciliation that the two sides seem to preach. But amidst this anxiety and uncertainty about the future, life must go on. It is the beginning of the new term. Some schools have opened; although reports filtering out show that the numbers of students are still very piecemeal. This is not good news at all. Everybody understands the trauma that parents are going through this time. We know many kids have been orphaned during the fighting. Both or one of their parents were killed in the fighting and yet those who survived their livelihoods were greatly tampered with. Many are still languishing in UNMISS compounds and other concentration camps. But amidst these glaring facts we must not despair lets have hope that one day these tribulations will come to an end. It is darkest at dawn.

The only way how we can be sure to change our lives for the better is to send back our kids to school. Let’s not fear because whenever we are overtaken by fear we can never move forward. What has happened has already happened we can’t change it but we can influence the future. Lets mobilize whatever is left of our property to give an education to the future generation may be it is in them that hope will be restored. We would like to ask government and other humanitarian organizations to also assist in this endeavor. If it becomes increasingly impossible for the children to resume their studies at their original schools let’s extend these services to where they are.

It is common knowledge that South Sudan is one of the countries with very low levels of education. Therefore amidst these immense challenges sending children back to school can’t be over emphasized. We must never forget that education is very key to growth and development which is badly needed in this country.