A Former rebel official pushes for independent Akobo

A former spokesperson for South Sudanese armed opposition faction, Lul Ruai Koang says separating Akobo county from Jonglei state will help improve the security situation within its neigbouring communities.

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The map of Jonglei in red

Speaking at press briefing in Juba, Koang said the population in Akobo was enough for creation of a separate entity, and that the police would tackle cattle thefts and revenge attacks.

“Akobo has enough population to make a separate administrative area like Pibor. You know very well that creation of Greater Pibor Administrative Area has significantly reduced issues of insecurity and we are seeing the dividends of having a separate administration from greater Pibor administrative area,” he told reporters on Thursday.

“Before getting their own administration, there used to be a lot of security. There was insecurity was everywhere,” added Koang, citing insecurity cases that allegedly existed in Central Equatoria, Eastern Equatoria [state] as well as greater Bor and greater Lou Nuer areas.

He further explained that Pibor has its own area police force and was now very stable.

“All security operators at state level were given to them; the sense of ownership came in and they make sure that they cease insecurity with the neighbors,” Koang stressed.

The former rebel spokesperson announced his unexpected defection from the armed opposition forces at a news conference organised in Nairobi, Kenya last week.

He formed his own movement to negotiate for creation of Akobo state like Greater Pibor Administration Area, but government is yet to officially comment on his demand.

Currently, Akobo county remains under the control of the armed opposition faction.