Yesterday’s victims are today’s perpetrators


By Baker Lule

At last the human tragedy in Gaza where Israel militants have been on rampage, massacring helpless Palestinian civilians the most vulnerable being women and children came to an end at least for now.

The death toll by the time of the truce had gone beyond 2500 people, about 300,000 are displaced and over 20,000 are nursing very serious injuries in hospitals which are totally ruined because of continuous shelling and lack of medical supplies.

Israel was claiming to be targeting Hamas but what was on the ground suggested something else.

For, how can you target Hamas when almost 80% of those killed are civilians?

Israel that is killing civilians is touted as legitimate and Hamas that targets the army are the terrorist how ironical! This is unacceptable in modern day war fair.

Martin Luther King who fought against the injustices of the Americans once said, “In the end we shall not remember the actions of our enemies but the silence of our friends”.

Where was the UN in all this?

This all operation; protective edge went on while the UN the highest international body was looking on helplessly and the best it could do was for its representative in Gaza to occasionary condemn the actions of Israel for bombing its facilities and schools which house civilians.

Mr. Ban Ki -Moon sometimes came out with strong statements calling on both parties to cease hostilities but that’s where it ended.

No concrete actions were taken.

When you look back at the formation of the UN and prior to it, the League of Nations they have history in being formed to avert human tragedies and wars especially caused by aggressive countries.

It was the First World War, which prompted the formation of the League of Nation in order to keep stubborn countries like German then; in order.

But it had one problem the noninterference policy.

When the League of Nations failed to avert the Second World War the United Nations was formed with rather a much stronger role to play in the international affairs than the League of Nations.

But the UN is also turning out to be another lame duck particularly because of the composition of its highest decision making organ the Security Council.

The five permanent members have in the past abused their veto powers to thwart just causes like.

Russia was at it with Syria and now America is at it with Israel.

When the Jordanian Ambassador tried to push through a strong resolution that aimed at castigating Israeli’s holocaust in Palestine, as expected the Americans and the likes could not allow it.

Therefore without reforming the UN and especially the Security Council, small and weak nations will always look on as they are being aggressed by powerful nations with cheering from America and their allies.

I wonder; if killings are bad in any part of the world and it has taken the involvement of America to nip them in the bud like its efforts in South Sudan and in Ukraine to avoid a human catastrophes why then do they allow it to occur in Gaza every after two years and instead of at least condemning these barbaric acts,

Americans continue year in year out, spending billions of dollars to support Israeli’s blood thirst army.

What is more heart wrecking is that the term holocaust has roots it the mass killings of Jews in Europe especially by Nazi German.

But why is it that people who suffered periods of oppression from all over the word are happy to inflict these same sufferings to others.

We cannot look on as yesterdays victims become today’s perpetrators.

There is no justification whatsoever for the razing down of Gaza and wiping out of its population and the best we can do is to condemn and the champion of world Human rights the Americans are saying Israel has every justification to carryout ethnic cleansing.

This is the worst travesty of Justice I have witnessed in the recent past.

The writer is a journalist.