Harmonize taxes, Yei traders tell government


By: Daniel Friday Martin.

  1. Traders in Yei River County Central Equatoria State have appealed to the concerned authorities to Levy fair taxes in order to promote better commercial transaction between buyers and consumers in the area.

Speaking to South Sudan Today, one of the traders, Morris Mawa, announced that there are too much taxes being levied by different levels of the Government.

“ You find that, the National Government has a different tax, the state revenue with another one, the municipality  and the county also with different rates, why all these taxes imposed on the traders and to make matters worse, money is always being collected but the level of development is not seen, where are these multiple collections going”. He asked.

The chairman chamber of commerce, Tito Ayambu Zakondo confirmed that his traders including road sellers have presented several complaints to his department.

“It’s really very challenging; we know that without taxes the Government cannot deliver services to the people but the fact is that we need to urge the National, the state revenue authorities including the county and municipal local Government should levy fair taxes on the business men and women so that the consumers are charged less in oreder to sustain their living” said Tito.

Zakondo also disclosed that, his department is planning to meet the relevant revenue operators to come up with harmonious revenue collections.