Be Creative, and pass on the skills to young talents


By Robeta Amuge

KennyHd Works under one of the biggest and professional recording studios in south Sudan, “360media Studio “located in Tongping Juba-Kololo about 200metres away from the Immigration Office and American Embassy.

He is a professional Video editor, director, graphics designer and cinematographer.

This is what he had to say!


Who are you?

My real name is Kenny Mulinde; I use KennyHd as my trademark

.I am visual -media-artist specializing in creative designing, video production, film, photography and graphics designing with an experience of seven years.

I currently work with 360media studio in Tongping.

I like sharing my artistic abilities and leadership skills with young people, among which I train Creative arts and painting, media arts including computer skills and videography over the years.

What is your expertise?

I am a professional Media-Artist with expertise in the use of windows and Macintosh computer programs, extensive knowledge in Blog and website designing, Curriculum development, and professional writing and communication skills.

I studied media arts production and Information Management Systems, which is why I have a creative background.

What is your professional belief?

I believe creativity fosters flexibility, innovation, and the ability to adapt or to see new

Ways of doing things and the courage to face the unexpected. I also believe that Art, digital media and culture creativity can make a vital contribution to the achievement of objectives that reconcile wealth creation among the youth with sustainability and respect for common humanist values because one of the features of art and culture is that they help us to transcend purely economic or serviceable constraints.

Which artistes have you worked with in Juba?

I have video projects in different local artistes in juba, among which is the well-known recording artist Daniel Dinganyai’s “Arusa Album videos” Andrew Brown Mathiang “Mary Wen Album” CashDee “Eta Malu” Young Police Crew “Am a Player Album” Mountain Boys “Amama”,

Hot Guys Crew-Cm Bom “Tadala” Professor K, Ukupere and Emmanuel Kamilo “Mai ngo Deso, Verky, Muhaba ma beguwa and Stop Fighting” JRock “Angong” Black South Boys “Come back to me”

Dj.Maliza “Zurup Masabit “Among Others!

I have upcoming projects with Nelly Majestic and Madonita of HolyLand Family, X.Wine, Cash Dee, Peter K and Richie Dee. These are all amazing talented young people, excited to work with them!

What is your advice to artistes?

One word to all South Sudan artistes is; be Creative, have passion for arts and pass on the skills to young talents.

Art is contagious. Be willing to express yourself to the best you can be. This world is all gates and all opportunities. Just be ready and stay focused.

To those of you who wish to work with me on your future projects, 360media is the place, come and we publish you to the next level. I wish the best for all my clients and I want to see all your video music projects cross borders.

Once your video project is finished I make sure I market it on social media platforms like Facebook, You tube, vimeo, Whatsapp, and Google. We also have our fans page with audience from south Sudan, Kampala, Kenya and Internationally.

Don’t give Up, Music Inspires lives! Do music that brings about a positive social change in this Nation. You’re the Voice to the voiceless. Don’t underestimate the power of your tongue.