University of Juba Suspends Lectures

By Deng Machol Monyrach

Juba – As the University of Jubaprepared to go for a short-week-break for Christmas and New Year a political conflict in South Sudan’s capital Juba turned into an armed strugglewhich forced many students and staff to escape the capital and some sought sheltering in the UN – bases.

When the University resumed on January 2, only few students made it to the campus, while many remained in hiding.

“We were expecting the students to come, butthe turnout was very poor, so the administration sat and decided to suspend the lectures for two weeks, so that it gave chance for those who fled both students and academic staff to come back” Said  Anthony Duku Peter, the acting Vice Chancellor.

The University of Juba, which has more than 8000 students, coming from all the ten States, was supposed to resume lectures on January 2 and start first semester exams on January 20 and end early in February.Howverwith the current violence,the calendar has been affected.

Duku callson everybody to report for  lectures whether students or academic staff.

“Despite the students’ poor attendance and deteriorating situation, the University desireto finish this semester.” Duku

Deng Peter Aleer, a third year student for college of Natural Resources and Environment Studies, said there is no time to think about education;their minds have been traumatized and shivering in fears.

“Juba is not yet secure; there was sporadic gunfire everywhere and also potential for the rebels to come to Juba is there. I don’t want to study in an unsecure situation”, Aleer said.

The Source said many students of University of Juba were killed in this ongoing violence, which has killed more than 1000 people and driven 200,000 locals out of their homes.